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Rodent Control

Rodent Control


Long-lasting rodent control from Friendly Eco Pest Control is both reliable and affordable when you turn to our staff for help. Rodents can easily fit through any size hole, even the ones that seem too small for them. Mice can even fit through a hole as tiny as a quarter. The best way to prevent rodents is to limit their availability to shelter in the first place. Our rodent control program will offer full protection against rodents in your residence or workplace. Call us right now to schedule your appointment and get a free quote.


Early rodent control is very important to prevent manifestations. The smaller the rodent population is, the easier it will be to manage. Our control system involves taking sanitation measures, rodent proofing, and reducing the population. Our professional staff will act fast and efficiently. You will be very impressed with the results. Do not wait to contact us, early intervention is key!


Reliable rodent control is just a phone call away. Our professional staff understands that every property is different and needs to be treated accordingly. We will inspect your property for signs of rodent activity, find entries we need to close-up, and creating a cost-effective plan for you. Trapping is a technique we use for existing rodents. We will address each issue separately and come up with a plan for each one. You will not disappointed. Call us as soon as possible, do not wait.


There are numerous reasons why companies try to avoid using chemical pesticides. Most companies use less toxic pest control methods. Friendly Eco Pest Control agrees with avoiding very harsh chemical pesticides, and tries to use environmental friendly strategies to protect your property. Less toxic substances are also healthier for people and pets. Schedule regular treatments, and if any problems occur call us and we will resolve your issue for free. Call us today to get your free quote.

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