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about us


You can count on Friendly Eco Pest Control to provide you with eco-friendly products that guarantee full protection against pests. We will always use methods that are also environmentally friendly. The best and most environmentally friendly solution is to prevent pests in the first place. We will help you do this after fully inspecting your entire property. You can always depend on us to protect you and your family, or business.


As often as possible, we use natural preventative and natural treatments like essential oils, or trapping. Are you aware that your present pest management program could be causing you a bigger negative impact than good, which results in more expensive daily costs? If you see pests on your property it is possible your current provider is not using the right materials or methods to eliminate them.


There are numerous reasons why companies try to avoid using chemical pesticides. Most companies use less toxic pest control methods. Friendly Eco Pest Control agrees with avoiding very harsh chemical pesticides, and tries to use environmental friendly strategies to protect your property. Less toxic substances are also healthier for people and pets. Schedule regular treatments, and if any problems occur call us and we will resolve your issue for free. Call us today to get your free quote.

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